Rahmath Turk

Vice President - Human Resources at BNP Paribas.

Navin is a diligent worker and never shies away from challenges. He has the potential to excel in any assigned role and always proved to be an asset. His easy going demeanor has always helped him to open doors and manage challenging situations with ease.

Mrinal Thakkar

MD, Mriyog Investments Pvt. Ltd.

Had the opportunity to attend his Corporate Governance Class at BSE Institute Ltd, Mumbai and also had him as Faculty Guide for my Dissertation for my MBA in Financial Markets. Dr. Punjabi has in-depth knowledge in corporate governance especially when it comes to connecting and applying corporate governance guidelines to actual business practice. It was an honour to study under him.

Devanshi Poddar

Consultant at iCreate Software

Navin Sir has been a wonderful teacher and is a wonderful person to work with and be connected to. He will always be there to help with all the knowledge and the expertise that he has and would also go out of the way to help one out. Interacting with him has always resulted in learning new things and getting smarter. I would always feel lucky to have as my professor and a guide.

Amishi shah

Student at University of Bath

Professor Navin was one of the few professors with whom you can connect at a level beyond just a teacher. His classes were interactive, informative and very interesting. He managed to make one of our drabest subjects exciting and he provided a lot of support for out project work. Besides theoritical knowledge, he was able to share a lot of practical experiences from his corporate backgound and this gave us a lot of insights. I am thankful for having a teacher, guide and mentor like him.

nasha dubash

Article Assistant at Kalyaniwalla & Mistry

Navin Sir is one of the most articulate teachers i had during my five years in HR College. One of the greatest strengths of Navin Sir is to adapt theoretical concepts with practical workplace situations which is essential to excel both academically as well as the workplace.

Dr. Pooja Ramchandani

senior faculty at HR college

an excellent and an intelligent collegue to work with.

Banisha Singh Anand

Agency Account Manager - West at InMobi

Navin Sir represents the next wave of dynamism as a professor. He knows his students' interests really well and captures their attention with his relevant topics and insights from his earlier corporates experiences. His examples are very real and practical as a professor. As a mentor he is very optimistic, positive person and an inspiration to always strive hard for success.

Kathy Schwaig

Professor of Information Systems, Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University

Dear Dr. Shahani, Please allow me to echo Dr. Moodie's appreciation. Drs. Punjabi and Bharucha were wonderful representatives of your university. We are very honored that they came to KSU and they did an outstanding job in the classroom. The course was more than fully subscribed and the students learned so much and very much appreciated the opportunity to learn from these great teachers. I had the pleasure of meeting them one afternoon and was so impressed. Again, we are so grateful. Warmest Regards, Kat.




Ajay Panjnani

Vice President & Head - Product & NRI Services at Kotak Securities.

Navin is a talented and hard working candidate. If he puts his heart to it he can achieve anything.


MSc Human Resource Management [full time] - CIPD accredited - University of Birmingham

I had the honour of learning under the guidance of Dr. Navin Punjabi during my B.Com degree at H.R. College. During this tenure, he was very approachable and always brought a pragmatic perspective to theoretical academic pedagogy. His teaching sessions were highly interactive and his in depth knowledge in the field of Business and Management is phenomenal. He is a dynamic professional and has good business acumen. He has been a friend, a guide and a mentor and I owe a major part of my success to his credit. His positive vibes make learning all the more fun as he goes that extra mile to ensure the welfare of his students. Dr. Navin is surely an asset that appreciates in value and I wish him all the very Best for his successful present and future.

Desha Gehi

Social Media at Time Out Mumbai

Prof.Navin Punjabi not only taught me Advertising but also made it interesting for me. An extremely well read, witty, young professor who has knowledge about various fields besides his areas of expertise. He makes theory lessons interesting and interactive for his students by giving day to day examples. The entire class is wide awake and involved in discussion during his lectures. He is like a mentor, guide and friend to his students and is always willing to offer any kind of help to them. Exams, projects, presentations are less stressful and more fun to do with him as a professor. His teaching skills truly are par excellence. I always looked forward to Navin Sirs lectures. It indeed has been a pleasure to be his student.

Urmila Jaisingh

Student at H.R. College of Commerce and Economics.

Prof. Navin Punjabi is the rare kind of professor that makes class and studying an experience like very few teachers can. With his vast knowledge, global experience, and dynamic approach to teaching he not only ensures that the class is abreast with economic happenings around the world, but also makes sure we understand how we can learn from them. Apart from classroom training he has always acted as a guide and mentor to all his students in every walk of life creating a unique student-teacher-guide cum friend relationship. A professor that one would want to be associated with, long after one finishes college.

kanika ahuja

Associate- Human Resources at Kotak Mahindra Bank Wealth Management

"Navin Sir is one of the Best Professors that I have come across. He puts in a lot of effort to make the subject interesting by adding case studies and live examples.This has helped me a lot in terms of not only gaining knowledge but also applying it in the corporate world.He has always helped students after class despite of his busy schedule.And Even now when I have passed out of H.R College he still guides me from time to time to make right career decisions."



Dear Prof. Punjabi, It was a pleasure meeting you at BSE Thane and hearing your views on varied issues. I sincerely appreciate and thank you for the extensive ppts prepared by you. I am of the opinion that we must speak share and colloborate on future academic projects as we seem to be on the same page as regards academia. Lastly, can you share your ppt with me. some of the slides have good potential for further discussions and are research-worthy. Thanking you once again and wishing you the very best.

Doug Moodie

Kennesaw state University

Dear Dr. Shahani, Thank you very much for sending over your two faculty, Drs, Jeh Bharucha and Navin Punjabi. They did a fantastic job and kept the attention of the 69 students in the class for 5 days. The students spoke highly of the instructors and learnt a lot. Hopefully, we can build on this very successful course for the future.

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